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Paint removal expained

Paint can be removed using many methods: sand blasting; steam; hot air and particle blasting (using aggregates other that sand) and, of course, chemical systems.

The basic difference between chemical paint removal and other systems is that chemical paint removal dissolves the paint into either a water-soluble deposit or virtually back into is original liquid form, both of which need only to be washed off. The other systems use an aggregate or excessive heat to remove the paint in its current hard cured state.
These differences may not matter too much on a very hard surface such as concrete or engineering type bricks, but the softer lime renders, soft bricks and pointing may well suffer enough damage to need repair or replacement, making the job more expensive that it need be.

For chemical paint removal to be effective it is important to use the correct type of paint remover for the paint coating to be removed. If the incorrect type of paint remover is used it could do as much damage as the other systems mentioned above.